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Custom Candle Boxes with Windows are attractive and fit your creative candles. Letting the customers have a little peek of the product. These boxes serve the purpose of marketing and product promotion. Custom Boxes Land Design Candle Packaging wholesale that serve product protection, presentation, and diversity.


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    Aesthetic Custom Candle Boxes with Window – just right for your Candles

    Delicate candles deserve delicate packaging that makes them stand out and glorify their best for the consumers. Custom Boxes Land offers aesthetic Custom Candle Boxes with Windows that perfectly fit your product. Boxes are styled with all essential elements from their size to assortments, types, and, most important, the window cut.

    Window-cut boxes have a love relationship with candles – why?

    Custom Candle Packaging with a window seems a perfect fit for candles and is popular in multiple ranges. Sometimes it can be a hollow window, sometimes with a cling or transparent coverage. However, the box is in the right relationship with candles and glorifies their impact in many ways.

    A nice peek into the product

    A window cut in the box gives the customers a good look at the product before making a purchase. It makes product identification easier. The customers can have a look at the texture of the candles. The impact is huge if you offer scented candles in Custom Candle Packaging with a window. The window will let the fragrance roam around and attract customers. However, CBL designs such smart window cut boxes that your candles will not lose their fragrance.

    Direct product marketing

    Using the Custom Candle Boxes with Windows, there is no need to work on product marketing. You can skip the box printing and just give the actual product a window at the box to serve the purpose. The minimalistic design with an open window can be the best option. Moreover, at Custom Boxes Land, we offer you the extended options of creatively incorporating your design with window boxes. It plays its part in maximizing product marketing.

    Increase shelf and online presentation.

    No matter if you are an e-commerce business or distributing your candles in the market too. At Custom Boxes Land, we have solutions for you. Our Custom Wholesale Candle Boxes with Window are crafted to maximize product presentation. These are a perfect fit for the online and shelf presentation. Your product will have recognition and attraction for the customers.

    Custom Boxes Land Offer Exceptional Custom Candle Boxes with Window finishings

    CBL knows the art is maximizing the impact of the product’s packaging. Using our expertise and numerous techniques, we are letting you have the ultimate finishing of the wholesale Custom Candle Boxes with Window. Here are some popular options you can select from:

    • Foil printing
    • Digital printing
    • UV Spot design
    • Matt finish
    • Pearlescent Coating

    Get the best Custom Candle Boxes with Windows now!

    It’s time to flaunt your custom candles with some attractive packaging. There is no way to step back and fall into conventional packaging. Uplift the product with our Custom Candle Boxes with Window and lead the market. For further information, a free quotation, or to place an order, call us now at 1 877 211 1874.


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