Get the Custom Rigid Boxes & Packaging At Wholesale Rates

When customers see your product for the first time it should be a special moment for them. Obviously, it can be more special for them when you choose the right packaging like custom rigid boxes. These boxes are also known as custom rigid setup boxes. Our trained designers manufacture these boxes with high-quality materials and finishes that uplift your product’s aesthetic value faster. We allow our customers to get customizable service so they can customize size, print, shape, and color according to their products which provides a great unboxing experience for customers. 

Many brands understand that today’s clients get product that looks alluring. Retail businesses are naturally drawn to use high-quality, and alluring designs on the box. Custom Boxes Land provides premium quality. packaging for every industry. We provide custom-printed rigid boxes are the best solution to uplift your business without any effort. 

These boxes are designed with a tough material if you are new in the market and don’t want to experience a lot then go for the rigid boxes. These boxes are a shortcut to increase your sales rapidly and the products inside are well-protected during delivery and storage. The boxes are also reusable and can be repurposed for other options, which is a good option for sustainability and reducing waste.

Types Of Custom Rigid Boxes

There are two main types of Custom rigid boxes partial finish and full finish. A partial finish covers the exterior of the box so the kraft and grey chipboard inside are visible. So, it does not fully cover the entire box.

 On the other hand, no chipboard is visible in the full finish. The rigid material total covering the side. Usually, the thickness is 2-3 millimeters in the chipboard. We can say that it is better than a partial finish. Furthermore, each side of the box has a different piece of chipboard. There are many finishing options available so you can select any of your choices. Additionally, there is a wrap-around them and it can be defaulted white or printed.

Custom Rigid Boxes By Style

Our custom rigid boxes are not only chic, but they are also functional too! After all, no matter how many goodies you include, your package won’t feel luxurious if choose the right one. Our custom rigid boxes offer great structural integrity and are made up of sturdy material. We manufacture these boxes with .50 pt cardboard and 80 lb litho paper to create a premium look. There are many rigid box styles but some of the most common styles are:

  • Magnetic closure
  • Tube packaging
  • Drawer style
  • Telescopic style
  • Book style
  • Shoulder neck Boxes

When it comes to creating quality box packaging buying we don’t compromise on the material. Our custom rigid box packaging enhances the beauty of your product. If you want to impress your buyers then go for rigid boxes. These boxes create a lasting impression and convince your buyers to give them a try. Our quality rigid boxes improve your sale and help your business to grow faster. 

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