Easy folding and assembly with Custom Boxes Land

These boxes are flat-packed, as the name implies. All those who have already ordered custom packaging boxes know that these boxes are easy to assemble, and you only need to fold them according to the cuttings and prominently-displayed lines. These boxes are trendy for display and offer protection to all items inside.

High-quality folded and assembled box styles

A four-piece cake box is the best and most suitable example of a folded and assembled container. Mainly, the manufacturers love this option and need more investment to pack their products or manual assistance. These boxes are beautiful because of the way they are assembled, and it is easy to see how they take shape just by following the ribbed fold lines. They can be used for years and are strong enough to keep items in good condition.

Popular folded assembly packaging styles

Folded assembly is a popular packaging style. This category includes many styles of boxes. These styles include the reserved style, a box with a flap that hangs and closes, and cake boxes with four corners. These boxes can be strong and modern. They can be customized with inserts or placement brackets that make placing your products in them easy.

To improve product visibility, we also recommend die-cut windows. They are recyclable and environmentally friendly. To attract buyers' attention, they can include printed designs, paintings, or patterns. Custom Boxes Land also recommends custom packaging boxes with a logo and company name to brand the product more efficiently.

If your company sells products outside the current packaging trend, you need to consider this. To choose the correct box for your products, be aware of the styles of folded assembly packaging. The primary purpose of these boxes is to make you prominent on store shelves and online among competitors.

Types of folding cartons and boxes

Your packaging should be unique enough to attract customers. You need to pack them in an eye-catching box. There are many options for packaging. You can choose from different styles such as bookends, hang and close tab boxes, self-tie boxes, corner cake boxes, and many other options. The header card, 2-piece hexagon boxes, pillow boxes, and the self-closing counter display tray and hexagon boxes are other unique styles. If you are interested in any of these custom boxes, contact us and order your favorite custom packaging solutions.

New finishing option for folding boxes and display cases

To give these boxes a distinctive look, we have developed several modern finishing options. You can have them UV-coated, glossy, or matte. Mainly, there are many coatings, such as copper, silver, and gold. Other printing options like embossing, debossing, gold and silver foiling, UV spot finishing, matte and shiny textures, and other finishes make your products more luxurious and stylish.

High-quality printing

Printed content can enhance the appeal of wholesale boxes. These boxes can be printed with photographs, drawings, or paintings. With these features, you can make your products more appealing to customers. More importantly, our experts at Custom Boxes Land understand how important printing is for prominence on store shelves.

We have the best printing equipment, such as screen printing and offset printing. To reduce environmental impact, we also advocate using eco-friendly inks in printing. If you want top-notch printing, partnering with Custom Boxes is the best option to leave a long-lasting impression on your customers' minds.

Impressive product presentations

Modern extensions for different boxes have been created to showcase your products well. We make unique inserts and placeholders. Your products determine the size and shape of your custom folding boxes, and they hold your products in place and prevent them from shifting due to extra pressure. You can also get different inserts to customize to fill the bags with different items. No other option is better than using this tactic to aggressively inspire your customers with a more stylish look and feel.

You can also add die-cut windows if you need them to make the product more visible. With this product display as a window, you can experience more revenues and return on investment (ROI).

Safety with foldable assembly packaging

Because no one wants to buy a defective product, brands struggle to protect their products. Therefore, Custom Boxes Land understands the importance of protection custom packaging boxes provide to the products. Its manufacturing materials can withstand various forces and will not deteriorate or crack under increasing pressure, preventing products from being damaged. Weather-resistant laminate is also available to protect your products from moisture and water. Custom Boxes Land can help you ensure the safety of your product boxes.

High-Quality Packaging

Most companies want to buy affordable, unique, and easy-to-assemble packaging. To address all their needs, our customer support executives are always ready to fulfill their requirements. They arrange a meeting with design and packaging experts who help them get custom boxes made from eco-friendly materials at the best rates in town. They are made from environmentally friendly and low-cost materials. Because they are natural, they can be recycled and are easily affordable. We have also developed innovative ways to reduce your costs. If you are looking for these packaging designs at a lower price, come to us.

Faster processing

We are proud of our good reputation in the industry thanks to the speed with which we process orders. We have the latest and most advanced equipment and tools to serve you better and more quickly. Standard orders are shipped within 7-12 days after we receive payment and completed drawings. If your package needs to be ready quickly, we offer rush orders, and rush delivery can take 6 to 8 business days.

Environmentally friendly materials

Packaging waste is a major environmental problem, and that's why we use sustainable materials to manufacture the packaging for your products. You can recycle and reuse these materials because they are eco-friendly and biodegradable. It means you contribute a lot as a business to improving our environment by recommending us to use these materials. For more details, discuss these materials with our experts at Custom Boxes Land to develop your reputation as an environmentally friendly organization.

We offer free design support, customization, and shipping

Custom Boxes Land has gained popularity for its free services. We offer free shipping to customers globally. Moreover, customers can get free assistance to help them create unique and memorable packaging designs with maximum customization to stand out from the rest. Our customers do not have to pay ironing or die-cutting fees. To save money on these facilities, please contact us.

Customer support services

Customers can contact our customer service team at any time. If you are a manufacturer and need to place or request quotes, we are ready to serve you. Moreover, you can contact us by phone, email, chat or live chat.

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